for someone who wants to know “Why?”
reading “How to?” articles is not enough
that’s why...
I try to share thoughts & stories with reasons
while trying to discover the reasoning…

This is a Place For All of You

who want to feel comfortable with your looks & fashion style
who wonder why do people wear what they wear
who like to know what’s on their mind
who try to understand yourself
who need to be inspired

We Wear Our Own Choice

Fashion & lifestyle are “Personal Choice”
in the form of “Visual & Action”

Fashion & lifestyle are feelings, thoughts, and decisions
based on personal beliefs and experiences


I’m not an expert on showing you “How to?”
but I’m going to share you “Why?”

You’ll find stories about
“Why I Wear What I Wear” and “How It Makes Me Feel”


Our looks and appearance may worth a thousand words…
but let our heart speak up our own voice,
shares our stories, thoughts, and feelings through fashion


Follow my self-improvement "Fashion & Lifestyle Project"
Take part on my journey to find out
how fashion and lifestyle can improve our life

I want to provide a canvas for everyone who needs to share their stories...
define their true self without afraid of being judged


I’m an Indonesian storyteller who wanders around to discover imaginations, definitions, and harmonies. Human, the universe, and willow trees are my inspirations.

I don’t have any particular style because I wear anything based on my mood to make me feel good.

“I Wear My Mood” was founded on 8 October 2017, simply because I needed a reason to dress up. It started as a fun project to share my look until I realized that… fashion is more than meets the eye…

We can learn more about ourselves through what we wear. Our appearance is not only a message we send to the world but also a message we send to ourselves.

I believe everyone has meaningful stories. Somewhere out there, there are people who need to hear our stories…

That inspires me to start to interview people and ask their permission to share their stories on “I Wear My Stories.”

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, want to collaborate, or give me suggestions to improve this blog!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you can enjoy the stories, discover interesting stuff, and be inspired! 🙂

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