Certainly Wear Uncertainty


Maybe we are connected to each other because we are part of the universe. That day, I felt that the universe could see and feel that I was ready; ready to learn to see uncertain things.  

When the sky looked grey, and the sun didn’t seem to be there, I interviewed a woman in a cafe. My first impression of her was: a serious woman with curly hair who wears a simple and plain outfit.

my impression of her was a serious woman with curly hair who wears a simple and plain outfit

When I woke up, I fell that I was well prepared to work

All of the outfits I own are all the same type, simple cutting, neutral color like black or white, and intermediate pastel colors which hard to define as I wore today. It was not grey but it was not blue.

I like simple cutting and the colors that are in between… Probably it’s related to me who’s a detached person.

People… they come and go. I believe some are meant to go, some are meant to stay. Some are meant to be

I love to make friends, but even when we are close, one day they might go, or we might never see each other again. I just realize, it probably somehow affects me with everything I own and I’m wearing.

I guess it’s all related to my past… It is a perception which is kind of hard to be understood by others.

I’ll just buy thing based on its function and my needs

I only have this one pair of flat shoes and this one cellphone. When I walked around the store, I found cute things that attracted me, but then I realized one day I would stop using or wearing it. My love for those things will eventually be gone also. If it won’t last too long, I won’t buy it.

It was since one and a half years ago when I experienced a self-transformation. I guess it affected by everything that happened to me, changed my mindset, and make me who I am now. Which I’m also just realizing it when you ask.

I’m not a person who needs details

I like to wear and to see something plain, no motives, as simple as that. My work makes me think too much all the time, things that are too bold, too conspicuous, too colorful is too much! It stimulates my brain. One or two days seeing that kind of things is quite okay, but I don’t need too much.

Like my bag, it has a similar color to the outfit I wore. It’s just a simple bag I use only to keep my stuff and I can put lots of things in it.

I don’t usually wear accessories unless it has meaning

Like the ring I’m wearing, it was a gift from my grandmother, which also a gift from my grandfather when he went to Netherland. I also had a necklace I sometimes wears, which was a gift from my friend from Canada.

If you see my wardrobe, I use the KonMari method. I arrange all of my stuff based on the color gradation. Because my entire outfit has the same type and similar colors, some people even think that I didn’t change my clothes!


An interview with someone who describes herself as “a Storyteller” 

NB: She introduced me to the KonMari Method that I tried to apply “Self-Healing, Declutter Bedroom.” This interview means a lot to me, she made me realize that uncertainties are scary but can change our life for good. She’s also the one who made me started to like grey and uncertainties and inspired me to write “I was Wrong, Grey was Right.”

Maybe it was not just a coincidence. Even when we are stuck in between things, even there are too many uncertainties in life, there are things that are certain. Some were just meant to be.

When was the last time you see someone who looked so weird to you and made you create negatives comments about them? We never know what happened to other people, what makes them do what they do, or wear what they wear.

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