Don’t Think, Just Do! 10 Days 10 Contents Challenge

This ‘stay at home’ or ‘work from home’ or ‘self-isolation’ situation, in a hard way, pushes me to realize what’s really matters for me in life.

Stay at home isolates me from not only the virus, but also from toxic people and environments (which isn’t healthy for my well-being). These past few months, I got less to almost no money, but I gain lots of priceless perspectives and insights.

One thing that has been bothering me a lot lately is: not becoming productive nor doing anything meaningful enough these past few months.

Constantly failing at doing something consistently

So many times I had failed at creating habit, project, even this blog, because I overthink. There were some significant mistakes that I made: too much thinking with no actions, too ambitious, too idealist, too afraid of many things, and so many too much other reasons which actually related with overthinking.

I made things too complicated until I forgot one simple reason why I created this blog: “to have a reason to dress up everyday and wear everything I own in my closet.”

“Too much of anything is never good for anyone” – Ray Bradbury

I’m used to be an extreme person, for example, I either work too hard till I forgot to take a break or be lazy and do nothing all day long.

The first time the governor ordered us to stay at home, instead of freaking out because I need to put my business on hold, I was relieved to finally have a break. However, I got into a situation where I couldn’t fight my laziness.

I do really miss introducing music to my wonderful students with Jonim Musik.

A Challenge to Change

I saw Zaza, a friend of mine, was doing #10hariberkonten (#10days10contents) challenge. She was so creative and her works are really beautiful. It really inspired me to wanting to participate on that challenge.

She created 10 amazing interior mood board in 10 days! How couldn’t I be inspired? Luckily, my friend who knew how lazy I was for these past few months encouraged me to joined that challenge. Finally, I talked to Zaza and she motivated me to do it.

I was hoping that this challenge can help me to overcome my overthinking tendency, enhance my creativity, creating a habit of creating something, and be brave to publicly share anything that I made on social media.

“Don’t think, just do!”

Her words are so powerful for an over-thinker like me. That day, I actually create a content right away. I couldn’t help no to think, but I didn’t think too much and just do something instead!

…and the result is…

creative fashion content
I choose to create something related with outfits

10 Days 10 Contents Challenge

The challenge was to create something which can be a content to post on our Instagram. One content a day for 10 days straight.

The content is not limited to anything. As you can see, I created a video or photo related with outfits, my friend created a design mood board, many others choose to do make-up, but I also found people who write and do virtual photo-shoot.

Never have I imagined I actually finished 10 contents. This challenge helped a lot. Tomorrow, I’ll share my journey and what I discovered by doing #10hariberkonten (#10days10contents) challenge.

If you’re an overthinker, maybe you can find if this challenge can help you to create something you never think of before.

We think, we discover. We act, we achieve.

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