Dream isn’t Rocket Science

What is wrong with being childish?
Is it the lack of maturity, emotional instability, or the irresponsibility?
What about the spirit and purity children have?
What about their ability to dream high and enjoy the simplest thing?

How about keeping the child inside? 

“The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.” -Fred Rogers 

How do you feel when you finally had a chance to meet your long-lost friends?

When I woke up today I felt really good. I was excited to meet some of my friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time. The last time I met them, I dressed up smart casual almost every day. I wanted to change that.

I was in the mood to feel fun and playful like a child.

playful OOTD
I was in the mood to wear something playful and colorful while still showing my age.

I wear a rocket in my heart to fly to the other galaxy.

I only own 3 or 4 t-shirts. I used to only wear t-shirts as pajamas and I’m trying to change that. My last job had a strict dress code and required me to dress up decently every day.

My playful and casual outfit
My friends used to see me wearing a dress or smart casual outfits every day. So I wanted to try to wear something different. 
Photo by: Ulfa. @ MG & Co Eatery

There’s always a day when you randomly choose an outfit from your wardrobe and then you realize that your overall look is failing.

I gave away many of my outfits including t-shirts to avoid wearing improper outfits. I have this blue horizontal stripes t-shirt with patches from Zara. Rocket, planet, and BAM! It’s extremely cute and totally BAM my heart the first time I saw it. The blue horizontal stripes aren’t really built from perfect solid lines and that what makes it more attractive. It looks like a sketch. When I saw this Zara t-shirt, I knew exactly the perfect bag to match it!

Zara blue horizontal shirt with rocket and planet patches
This Zara blue horizontal patches t-shirt is so BAM cute! The patches are what I like the most.

Pow Wow! We find a perfect match!

I definitely know a perfect match for Zara patches t-shirt! My ultimate bag for rainy days: Love Moschino Pop-Art Tote Bag which was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein comic book pop-art. It is made from some kind of waterproof material.

The first time I saw this Love Moschino Comic Pop-Art bag I was like: Oh, wow! Smack and Bang! I LOVE it! 

Moschino is an Italian luxury brand design and Love Moschino is one of Moschino’s labelMoschino has a very eccentric, creative, playful, and quirky design characteristic. One of my favorite collections is the ones which inspired by Bugs Bunny and McDonald.

Moschino Comic Pop-Art Graphic Tote Bag
This a fun and playful Love Moschino tote bag from Spring/Summer 2014 collections! It’s a waterproof bag which was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein comic book pop-art.

If you are interested in making your own comic pop-art design, here is the Photoshop tutorial:

Smile! It’s playing time!

A cute cat and a cute big smiley heart in my ears would highlight my day!

I want to wear this cute yellow smiley heart earrings I had. I tried to use it on both of my ears, but I had this adorable cat earring (some of my friends argue that it was a raccoon). Why not wear both at the same time?

Cat and Heart Smiley Earrings
Aren’t these two little earrings are adorable? Is it a cat or a raccoon? What do you think?

Even when your goal is higher above the galaxy, don’t forget to look down.

Deciding which bottom I should wear wasn’t easy. I played too much already and probably it would be a good idea to tone it down. I decided to wear my comfortable brown corduroy pants.

I love shoes! Shoes are the most important part of the outfit.

Shoes are usually the first thing I notice when I see people. Mom always reminded me to take care of my shoes or sandals and clean it. So many people often forget about it maybe because it’s located in the lowest part of your body.

Even when I’m in the mood of feeling playful like a child, I can’t change the fact that I’m already a grown-up lady. I want my look to be able to show how old I am and shoes can help me with that. I wear a pair of nude heels which looked like Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Classic Tribute Sandals Heels. It’s actually by Yongki Komaladi, an Indonesian footwear designer.

Till now, I’m still arguing with myself whether I should buy YSL Classic Tribute Sandals Heels or not. What do you think?

“Life is short, heels shouldn’t be!” -Brian Atwood

Brown corduroy pants, nude heels, with Love Moschino Pop-Art Tote Bag
I wear a neutral color pants and heels so my Love Moschino Pop-Art Tote Bag could pop up!
Photo by: Ulfa. @ MG & Co Eatery

A playful outfit to show a cheerful mind

A small reunion with friends you’ve known for a quite long time help you reminiscing things that happened in your life. They were the ones who help and shape you until you become who you are now.

I shared “I Wear My Mood” with them, and I was so touched by how much they inspired me and motivated me to keep on doing this. Maybe it started only with my ego and my own needs; I need reasons to dress up every day.

Surprisingly, I discover many unexpected things and learn so many things when I wrote every single article I posted. It makes me want to read and hear the stories behind people’s look, appearance, and outfits they wear. Till now, I’m still dreaming of making “I Wear My Mood” something huge and important in my and other’s life.

My playful and casual outfit
I was so happy and excited to finally meet my long-lost friend. It was such a great day. 
Photo by: Ulfa. @ MG & Co Eatery

I wear rockets on my heart and smiley love on my ears.
Somehow they help me to unleash my inner child, reminds me not to be afraid to dream and fly high to the galaxy I’ve never been.
I walk, run, and fall with my heels which stand with me when I started to grow up to become a woman.
Somehow it reminds me that no matter where my heart and thoughts are, I still live and stand on the ground.  

How about you? What outfit do you wear when you meet your friends? Have you ever intentionally wear something playful or dress up to reminisce your childhood?
What are the stories behind your look, your fashion style choices, or what you wear? Comment below or contact me through e-mail or Instagram to share your ideas, and thoughts. I'm so excited to hear back from you! 

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