I Wear White for a Fresh Start

A lot of fashion or style bloggers write less and show pictures more, but I want to know why and how can they get an idea to style their outfit. So, there will be a little more of writings here because I’ll try to explain why and how I style my outfits.

why and how I style all-white outfit for my OOTD
Basically, I can’t describe my personal style since “I Wear My Mood” means I wear everything based on my mood.

Why I Wear What I Wear

I’m going to share you my look on my story “Another White to Begin an End.”

I was in the mood to create a fresh start. It was the last days in December and I wanted to welcome New Year 2019 by embracing the new version of me. I felt like after all the mess and chaos that occurred in 2018… I wanted to press a “restart” button.

all white OOTD how to style white top

Color & Mood: White & Pure Beginning

The first thing I always think of when choosing an outfit is to think of which color I want to wear. I was in the mood of wearing white which is often associated with goodness and positivity. It symbolizes good things like beginning, purity, light, cleanliness, etc.

all white OOTD flatlay
It’s easier for me to describe my mood by color. I think all-white outfit represent clean start really well

Clothing: All White Well-Fitted Top & Bottom

After that, I look at my wardrobe and see which outfit I want to wear and found this white sabrina tight top I haven’t used for a long time.

how to style all-white OOTD
I felt healthy and was in a good shape so I feel confident to wear a tight top

Then I decided to wear a white long skirt to pair with my top.

all white outfit for my OOTD how to style white top
I was in the mood to dress femininely and wanted to try wearing all white

The first reason why I chose this clothing pair was the silhouette. It’s easier to create a nice silhouette with a tight top.

high-waist skirt can create an illusion that makes legs look longer
A tight top goes well when combined with either a loose or a tight bottom. It creates a nice silhouette of our body shape
how to style all white outfit for ootd
When I don’t feel my body is in a good shape, I’m not confident wearing a tight outfit that shows my body shape

I have an hourglass body shape and quite balanced upper and top body so I need to wear something to keep my body proportion looked well balanced. The Chic Fashionista is my favorite blog to learn and determine body shape.

high-waist skirt can create an illusion that makes legs look longer
A high-waist skirt can create an illusion that makes my legs look longer while still showing my body curve

The second reason was the degree of sexiness or how much we show our skin. I live in a Moslem country so I’m not comfortable wearing something too revealing unless to a party, club, holiday, or certain other situations.

how to style all-white OOTD
The top was already tight and quite sexy so I prefer to wear a long wrapped skirt with a little of “peek a boo” twist.

Functionality & Comfort: Be Comfort and Be Careful with White

Even though looking good is important, I always consider functionality and dress appropriately by considering a few things like where to go, what to do, what occasion, when, how long, etc.

how to style all white for OOTD
Dress smart! We not only want to look good but also appropriate

It’s difficult to wear white because it makes it easier to see any stain. I would only spend my time at the hotel or going to a restaurant so it shouldn’t be a problem.

all white outfit for my OOTD how to style white top
Wearing white is tricky, all the stains will look so obvious so it’s better to know where you’ll go and what will you do when wearing it

Shoes: White Transparent Heels

I didn’t need to walk or stand in a long time so I could wear my favorite heels. I’m short and have small feet so pointy heels help me look taller and longer feet.

Nicholas Kirkwood Mirage Chevron Prism white PVC pumps
Nicholas Kirkwood’s “Mirage Chevron Prism” white pumps

Proportions matter a lot. The heels’ transparent design can enlighten the white ‘heaviness’ created by my long skirt. I don’t want my body and skin drowned in all-white.

all white outfit for my OOTD how to style white top
I decided to reveal my skin on my shoulder, hands, and a little of my legs to avoid getting my body ‘visually drowned’ in an all-white outfit

Accessories: Earrings, Bracelet, and Watch

I wanted to add an accent to my look all-white look by wearing a gold bracelet and watch. Gold-tone color is a neutral and a must color for me to wear. When we wear it right, it could make our outfit looked more expensive and add a luxurious vibe one our look.

Stying All White Outfit for Fresh Start 2019
Wearing a ponytail and a sabrina top create a space to showcase my white fur earrings

My hair was too long and I was too lazy too style it. The easiest way was to wear a ponytail. A black bow hair tie helped me to look more dressy with less effort.

Celine Luggage Canvas Tritone Color
At first, I almost wear my favorite bag that I wear on “When Neutral is Not Enough” but I don’t need to carry so many stuff
Read: When Neutral is Not Enough

Bag: Pink and Gold Lantern Statement Bag

Wearing all-white or one tone outfits create a big canvas to let your statement piece shine.

kate spade rambling roses lantern statement bag
I love gold! My all-white outfit let this cute unique statement bag to shine!

I wear this Kate Spade “Rambling Roses Lantern” wrislet to give a spark on my all-white outfit. This bag really translates my happy mood really well.

kate spade rambling roses lantern statement bag
Kate Spade lantern wrislet never fails to shine my day

kate spade rambling roses lantern statement bag

Result: Great Outfit & Great Mood

This outfit choice really boosts my mood. I felt great wearing this outfit while enjoying my holiday.

how to style all-white OOTD
I’m ready to face new days in 2019!

Why don't we set our mood to spark our spirit to face new days ahead? If you can choose one color and one word for New Year 2019, what would it be?

Why and how do you usually style your outfits? Do you have any great suggestions on how to combine all white? Comment below and share your ideas with me!

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