Pandemic Paradox

They often said that new things can become normal after we’re getting used to it. However… after ‘what we used to call’ normal return back and the new things has passed, will everything become new and felt like normal again?


After staying at home and social distancing occur, CS Writers Club Bandung (CSWC) decided to held an online writing meeting.

Artha, the voluntary host ask every participant to write something with a general theme “We are all in this together, so please guys, stay home and help us stop the virus spread.”

In my mind, “daang… this is kind of the topic I’ve been avoiding!!”

couch surfing writers club bandung
Couch Surfing Writers Club Bandung

When imagination become reality

“Every time I watched horror or thriller movies like I am Legend, Quarantine, Resident Evil, Contagion, I always question myself… Will this ever happen to us?”

Then I answered myself, everything could happen, time will tells…

film pandemi i am legend
I Am Legend movie

Corona… a beautiful name which sparks a flame of blame

When opening a group chat or your social media, do you also see how many people talking about everything related to Corona COVID-19?

That is one of my main reasons trying to write any Corona COVID-19 related.

Virus Corona - Sumber: CNN
Corona COVID-19 Virus

Pandemic Paradox

I wrote a fantasy tale “Pandemic Paradox” about a conversation between a girl and a deer. It was written in 30 minutes given for CS Writers Club Bandung online meeting and recorded directly after that so everyone in the club can listened to our stories.

Brief summary

It is in Indonesian and till now I haven’t planned to translate it yet. However, it was a story about a girl running away from home to a forest while crying. She encountered a talking deer. Then the girl told the deer how devastated she is about ‘the self-isolation at home situation.’

That situation left her no choice to spend her 24-hours time she had with her broken family. Her parents were not having a healthy relationship at all, they almost got divorce many times. Hence, she and her little brother had to witness their parents’ awful fight.

foto dengan rusa di rancaupas ciwidey
With a deer in Rancaupas Ciwidey

However, the deer made her realized that this situation has led her to get closer to her family, getting to know them personally, and let all the truths reveal. The deer told her how this human frustrating, sad, and difficult situation slowly heals the earth. While all of the human fight to survive, the nature is happily celebrating the changes.

In the end, the deer laugh at the girl, “You human is so confusing. The more you distant yourself from other people and the closer you get to your estrange family. Then the more time you spend with your family the less you feel sane.”

The girl answered, “I don’t even understand myself and other human beings.”

30 minutes to  put pieces of memories together

There was not many space to really plan what I write when I only have 30 minutes. It just flowed naturally. I didn’t even know how my story would end. I just realized that this writing contains some of my memories after finished my writing.

The family situation was inspired by my friend’s family condition. I do really hope you’ll get through this. The deer that I wrote might came from my trip to Ranca Upas Ciwidey Bandung. It symbolized ‘regeneration.’ Forest is one of my favorite place and it also might came from some of my travel memories.

Memories of the trip to Ciwidey sparked a mixed feeling. It was a trip filled with irony and that probably triggered me to write a tale which tell some ironic things.

di hutan danau situ patenggang ciwidey bandung
A forest beside Situ Patenggang Lake, Ciwidey Bandung

Despite all that happen, at least for me, this ‘self distancing’ directing my soul to get closer to ‘learn more to see things as it is…’ One of the most frustrating things for me is how self isolation detaches many ones’ mask of distortion, revealing some hidden truths.

Recently I hear so many people pray and say, “wish everything could go back to normal really soon… this shall pass…” and the first thing that cross my mind every time I hear that, “back to another adaptation…”

When the past becomes the present and the present has passed… was ‘the path we’ve traveled’ intended to change ‘getting to used to normal’ into ‘normal of getting used to?’

We can see there are lots of people travel and post their journey on social media. Are we begin to care more about capturing the moment rather than living the moment? What is actually the purpose of travel?

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