Self-Indulgent at Roger’s Salon Dago

There are times when we need a self-indulgent
Spending quality time without any company

kursi potong rambut rogers salon dago

I finally write about beauty

I realized that I hadn’t written an article about beauty. This time, I’ll write about hair and beauty.

So many people thought that I go to a salon frequently but I honestly only go to a salon when I need my hair cut since I don’t like to spend my money on beauty treatments. I prefer to buy shoes! Don’t we all have different priorities?

I love shoes and collect them. I began to realize that retail therapy becomes a bad habit when I saw how many shoes I have even though I didn’t regret my decision

Getting a self-indulgent after being hospitalized

After being hospitalized for a week, I want a self-indulgent. I usually treat myself by eating at my favorite restaurants, but I still have some food restrictions.

view dari kamar rawat inap boromeus lantai 4
I was hospitalized in Boromeous, a hospital which is located in front of Roger’s Salon Dago. Every time I look at the window, I want to jump there and get myself some beauty treatments

Finally, I went out of the hospital and decided to go to Roger’s Salon to get my hair cut, manicure, and pedicureI made an appointment by phone in advance because I thought Saturday would be probably a busy day.

I wonder where do people usually go to a salon in Bandung?

I don’t have any salon preferences, but since the beginning of this year, I decided to get my hair cut at Roger’s Salon Dago which is located near my house. It was because I was too lazy going to a salon, but my hair was damaged so I need a hair cut.

A hair perm can damage your hair

After doing perm twice, my hair became damaged. I curled my hair to have more volume, and drier my hair since I have a very oily type of hair.

sebelum potong rambut di rogers salon dago
Before I went to Roger’s Salon Dago, my hair was very oily

I’m too lazy to do beauty treatments, so I prefer to go to a salon near my house

I’ve heard about Roger’s Salon but never thought about going there because I knew it has a quite high price compared to other salons in Bandung.

Interior ruang tunggu Roger's Salon Dago
Roger’s Salon Dago lobby interior design

The first reason why I decided to go to Roger’s Salon Dago is that it’s located near my house. I also asked my friend who is a member of Roger’s Salon Dago, and she recommended me to go there.

First experience going to Roger’s Salon Dago

Last January, I got my hair cat at Roger’s Salon Dago and felt very satisfied with their service.

Menu Service Roger's Salon Dago
Roger’s Salon Dago’s service menu

The price for a hair cut, manicure, and pedicure is higher compared to salons in Bandung. However, if it’s compared to salons in Jakarta, the price is quite standard.

Roger’s Salon Dago’s Architecture and Interior Design

Although I have ended my career in architecture, I still love to observe the architecture and interior design of the places I visit.

interior rogers salon dago

Roger’s Salon Dago has a very nice design, comfortable, and also exclusive. I like the facade which highlights some natural elements like woods and stones with a touch of green plants.

fasad rogers salon dago

Roger’s Salon targets middle to upper-class market. There’s a VIP room if you’re willing to pay for IDR 55,000 which can be used by two people. The staff said that there’s a TV and you can smoke inside there.

Manicure and Pedicure

At first, after I looked at the price, I began to feel more hesitant to spend my money on manicure and pedicure since I don’t prioritize beauty treatment, but then I thought that it was okay to pay more on beauty treatments for once in a while.

alat-alat manicure pedicure rogers salon dago

There are two options for manicure and pedicure which provided by Roger’s Salon, Gehwol or Artav. The staff told me that Gehwol is more expensive because it has excellent quality. I finally choose Gehwol for the manicure and Artav Cool feet Aromatherapy for the pedicure.

Artav Cool feet Aromatheraphy pedicure rogers salon dago

Became a queen for more than one and a half hour a

Finally, I had my hair cut while getting a manicure and pedicure. For a person who’s rarely going to a salon, this treatment felt special for me. I feel like becoming a queen for half an hour.

keramas di rogers salon dago

My hair stylist is Mas Heru; I like his diligence and accuracy. He is also a very stylish and friendly man.

potong rambut manicure pedicure di rogers salon dago

The one who did my nails is Mbak Sani who is also very kind and friendly. Sometimes I get a manicure and pedicure, but usually, I look for a place that offers a low price, but after getting treatment here, I realize there’s a price to pay for quality to get…

pedicure di rogers salon dago

Manicure and pedicure treatment by Roger’s Salon is comfortable. Mbak Sani always makes sure if she scrubbed or massaged me too hard. It turns out I have a thin skin which easily turns to red.

proses manicure rogers salon dago

The manicure, pedicure, and hair cut’s results

I honestly feel satisfied with the services and the results. All the staffs are attentive, kind, friendly, and willing to support me by giving useful information whenever asked.

hasil potong rogers salon dago
I was planning to trim all of my damaged hair, but I still want my hair to be able to tie up my hair, so this is the shortest I could get.
hasil pedicure rogers salon dago
This is the pedicure’s result at Roger’s Salon Dago. My nails were wet because of the vitamin they gave me
hasil manicure roger salon dago
This is the result of a manicure at Roger’s Salon Dago

Becoming a member at Roger’s Salon

I was offered to become a member by paying IDR 200,000. The benefit was to get 20% for hair treatments included manicure and pedicure, also 10% discount to eat in Roger’s Café. Other people can use my member card for a discount at Roger’s Café.

At first, I hesitated if it’s worth it to pay a membership fee because I usually don’t go to salon often. They offered me to write the form first and let me decide when I paid.

temporary executive member card

The staff helped calculate the reduced price if I became a member and I found out I only need to pay IDR 100,000 for a membership fee. Hence, I pay the membership fee because I would be back anyway to cut my damaged hair.

potong rambut di rogers salon dago
You can tell from this photo that I still have a damaged hair at the end of my hair

There are a couple of types of membership; I forgot the detail and I was hesitated to take the photos of the price lists since I know that their official website didn’t mention it.

From what I remember there’s a member for hair discount, beauty treatment discount like laser thingy or something else, and for the spa. The most expensive is for the spa because you can still have a discount for all the other treatments included beauty and hair.

lobi kasir rogers salon dago

I was tempted to pay for the membership which also included a spa treatment, but if I’m not mistaken the difference is around IDR 100,000-150,000.

ruang ganti rogers salon dago
The bathroom is clean, and the changing room is decent

Roger’s Salon Dago Parking Lot

While waiting for the Go-Car to pick me up, I chat with their friendly security. I was worried about driving a car to go here, but the guard said that they offer a valet service if we bring our car because the parking lot at Roger’s Salon Dago is not that huge.

lahan parkir rogers salon dago

I haven’t been to Roger’s Cafe or try their food, but I probably will try it next time I go here. The staff said that the cafe gets so many visitors who often throw a party or gathering there.

Roger’s Salon’s Promotion

The traffic was horrible that day because there was a Hijab Fest 2019 di Sabuga. Then I got time to look around and see all the promo currently offered. There 5% cashback if we pay by OVOand available 0% installment or 10% discount for all treatment if we pay by Mandiri debit or credit card.

You can check their official website for more information.

toilet rogers salon dago
So long my long hair! After I get my hair cut, I feel like there are tones of kilograms gone from my head

Last but not least: tips

I think that giving tips to people who offer us good service is a must thing to do, especially when I was delighted with their services. If we were able to pay for good treatments, there’s nothing wrong to spend a little bit of cash on giving the people who treat us well some tips as an appreciation. There are lots of professions which doesn’t offer a big payment, so some people do rely on tips.

Where do you usually go to have your hair cut or beauty treatments? Are you a salon person and interested in trying beauty treatment at Roger’s Cafe?

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Turns out… pampering yourself occasionally by taking care of your physical beauty can also comfort your inner heart, mind, and provide happiness…

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Arinda Puspitasari

I love to have self indulgent! It is really important to take some times for yourself and treat yourself nicely. Sorry to know that you were being hospitalized before, hope you feel better now 🙂
This salon look pretty comfortable, the new haircut look so good on you x

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