Undergo Mellow, Hello Yellow!

There are times when the skies don’t look so bright, even at noon.

Writing is hard and to keep writing is even harder

I haven’t written on this blog for almost a half year! There were lots of things going on that made me busy, but it shouldn’t be a reason to stop writing. It’s hard to start something, but it’s harder to keep doing it and be consistent.

I guess I’m overthinking when writing on this blog, so I’ll try to write and keep writing. Cheers to every blogger out there who can consistently write every day! Great job!

writing while wearing yellow beanie
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

Couch Surfing Writer’s Club Bandung

Joining a writing club helped a lot to motivate us to write, especially when most of the members are friendly, fun, non-judgemental, and open-minded. I was lucky to find a writing club in Bandung called “CS Writer’s Club Bandung.

Anyone interested in reading, writing, or listen to other’s writings can join CS Writer’s Club Bandung every Thursday night to meet other writers, create, and share your writing.

couch surfing writers club bandung
CS Writer’s Club Bandung
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

The club is not restricted to professional writers or someone good at writing. You’re going to meet lots of interesting people from different backgrounds with unique personalities there. Although everyone is so different, they all share the same interest in writing.

cs writers club bandung ruang putih
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

Each night, you’ll get a theme, a different topic, and has to do free writing only in a half hour. Everyone will read their writings, listen to each other’s writing, and vote one of their favorite writing. The winner will be next week host, who’ll determine the theme and pick a place for the next meeting.

If you’re lucky, and Ruri, one of the members of the CS Writer’s Club is around, she’s going to capture the moment and take everyone’s photo. She’s a good friend of mine who is good at taking pictures. She took all of the photos on this post!

CS Writer’s Club Bandung
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

Undergo melancholy mood

It’s easier to become who you are when you’re in a comfortable environment. Since my current job can’t make me wear whatever I want to wear, the time when I came to the club is the time when I dress up according to my mood.

That time I was in a very terrible mood and felt like the melancholy took over me. I didn’t want to be trapped in that horrible feeling, so I decided to wear something bright that might help to overcome my bad mood.

yellow outfit bright like a sun
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

A sun to brighten the day

There are times when we don’t want to express our authentic feeling and want to feel better instead…

I need to wear something bright, something to brighten my gloomy day. I choose to wear one of the most brilliant colors, yellow. My yellow checkered skirt is actually from my grandma! She bought it in Russia when she was studying there. Could you imagine that this skirt is way much older than me and still in very great shape? How cool is that? Just thinking of that can lift my mood.

bright yellow outfit combination
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

Since I want to keep my palette bright, I decided to pair it with a white shirt and a pair of my classic Gucci loafer. It was a safe combination that won’t make the yellow pop out screamed too loud.

The funny thing was, I coincidentally wear the same tone outfit with one of my friends! So that was why we took these photos.

bright yellow outfit combination
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

Hello, yellow!

Most of my friends know that I love to add a little twist to my look. I know my look was completed already, but I decided to wear a yellow beanie, which might not rhyme so well with my overall outfit combination.

yellow beanie
Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

Create your own sunshine

There are times when you don’t have to get through the day alone.

How did my day go? It might not start well, but it ended great. I had a great time writing, listening to other’s writing, and catching up with my good friends. That time, I wasn’t in the mood to go out at all, but how am I suppose to see the bright sun if I didn’t take my time to look outside my window?

Photo by: Ruri Fitriyanti Ruang Putih Bandung

We might have become many other’s darkest sky for such a long quiet time, but from now on, it’s time for us to paint our sky and become our own sun!

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