A Caring Proof

When you taste the bitter of the coffee and the sweetness of the chocolate, do you taste a harmony? 

On a night with pouring rain, I interviewed a man in a cafe. My first impression of him was: a man with a flat expression who wears all black outfit.

interview with a guy who share the stories behind his choice of outfit style

Mood doesn’t affect my clothing choice

Don’t wear things that could ruin your mood! Personally, it’s important to wear anything functional, comfortable and looks good on you. I prefer to wear anything that fits well with my body. I’m not tall and big or loose clothes won’t look good on me.

I wear an outfit depending on the weather

If it’s really hot outside, I would prefer to not wear anything at all… but of course, I can’t. So I’ll just wear a light t-shirt, short and sandals.

I also dress up according to situations

For example, on a music rehearsal, I’ll dress up casually only if it’s allowed. The classical concert outfit is not comfortable. I don’t like to wear a suit, shirt, and trousers because it’s not flexible and limit my movement.

A black and grey eiger backpack
A black and grey backpack he brought that night

I like black because I like coffee and I like brown because I like chocolate

My bag, jacket, and shoes are black or grey. My outfits are mostly black or darker colors. If someone gave me a yellow outfit, I won’t wear it except at my house. It makes me feel unconfident.

I don’t throw away things easily

I had a small red bag since elementary school when I was on 3rd or 4th grade. I still wear it because I don’t need to buy another bag. If there’s a new model, I might buy one if I have the money, but I don’t shop too much.

If you borrow a diamond you must also return a diamond, not a batu akik, of course!

I would remind anyone and let them know the rules: the can’t be scratched, broken, etc. If there was a friend who borrowed my stuff and damaged it, I would be really angry. If they don’t like it, then they shouldn’t ask to borrow my stuff. The same thing goes for me, I would protect and take care of the things I borrow.

A small black sling bag with red and blue strap
A small black sling bag he owned since junior high school

I love taking care of my stuff. My stuff mustn’t be broken

I had a careless friend. She said:

“When it’s time to replace the things, then we should replace with the new one. When it’s time for things to be broken, then leave it broken.”

I personally think that if you could taking care and keeping things from getting broken, why do you have to look for a new one?

The same goes for people and animals. I love to own a pet and I wished I could own a crocodile. There’s a stray cat in my kos (a service that offers a room or a place to stay with a certain amount of rent payment in a certain period of time). I feed and pet him and he became friendly.

One time I owned a black cat. Every time the sun shines on him, his fur turned brownish. I took care of him since he was a little until he grew older. I was really sad when he got hit by a motorcycle, the driver just ran away. I found out about the accident from my friend who texted me. My mom was also sad since it felt really weird not having him around the house.

A pair of black Nike sneakers
A pair of black sneakers he wore when I met him

A gift is much more valuable than things I bought on my own

I always appreciate a gift, and will always try to take care of gift I got from anyone. I got an outfit which was a gift from a special one and I only wear it for a special occasion or a special moment. I won’t lend any gift I got to anyone.

I never trust people, I trust proof

I’m the type of guy who seeks proofs. If “A” pretends that he or she is not guilty, I won’t talk, I just seek the proofs!


An interview with someone who describes himself as: “This is me, I am who I am.” 

Some people may fight to protect a piece of the broken puzzle,
while other try hard to find an unfit replacement

When was the last time you see someone who looked so weird to you and made you create negatives comments about them? We never know what happened to other people, what makes them do what they do, or wear what they wear.

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