What Does ‘Outfit’ Mean to You?

Sometimes, the answers are already there…
buried too deep inside, sleeping with our unconsciousness…

what outfit means to people
Our physical appearance is the first thing people can see.

What does ‘outfit’ mean to you?

Most of them think that it’s important because it’s the first thing people notice from us. I began to wonder and posted a story on my Instagram asking people “What does ‘outfit’ mean to you”, and here are some of their answers:

“Something that is worn.” —Y

An outfit is a thing that we wear to cover our body.

“Very important! We could get sick or stress if we don’t wear any.” —-M

An outfit’s primary function is to keep our skin protected from the environment, whether from the weather, radiation, insects bites, or different kind of activities that require us to be protected, such as cooking, sport, etc.

outfit means to protect our skin from the environment
We wear outfits to protect our skin from the environment.

“Show to people who I am.” — H

Aside from its primary function, an outfit can also be used as a symbol, identity, social norm and can be different in various culture. What we wear can show our identity, where we come from, our culture, our job, and maybe… who we are.

outfit can show identity where people come from
This is me and my friend on our graduation ceremony. Both of us wear Indonesian traditional clothing: ‘Kebaya’ top & ‘Batik’ bottom.

“Tool to express me.” — O

Some of us wear outfits to express ourselves, our personality, our interests, our mood, etc. While some other people may wear it as a mask to cover and hide their true selves.

true self; a sense of self based on spontaneous authentic experience
Not everyone can see our true self. Sometimes, not even ourselves.
Drawing by: Misha Ahmad.

“Covers my physical insecurities.” — A

We wear outfits that look good on us and make us feel comfortable. It can cover our physical insecurities and also expose our feature we like the most.

outfit helps to cover our insecurity and make us feel more confident
My favorite bag which helps me feel more confident when doing the photo shoot on “When Neutral is Not Enough”
PHOTO BY BACHSIN @ Chinatown Bandung

“Armor. Armament.” — M

We wear an outfit as an armor not only to protect our skin from nature but also as a defense shield to face our social environment. Whether you like it or not, our physical appearance is the first thing people see. We can get bullied or praised because of our outfit.

All of us has a defensive facade to survive living in our social environment.
All of us has a defensive facade to survive living in our social environment.
Drawing by: Misha Ahmad.

We can also wear an outfit as an armament (weapon) to help us get what we want. We often wear an outfit and our physical appearance to attract people, to get jobs, opportunities, etc.

An outfit can boost our confidence but can also be a backfire weapon which triggers our insecurities. It depends on how comfortable we are with ourselves and our surrounding’s reaction.

our decision of wearing clothes can impacts how we handle a certain situation.
“When Neutral is Not Enough” shares the story of how my decision of wearing certain clothes, impacts how I cope with the situation.
PHOTO BY BACHSIN @ Chinatown Bandung

Do you think you know someone by looking at their physical appearance?

Does the outfit you wear shows who you really are?

Some of us wear an outfit as a mask to cover our true personality or our feeling at the moment. The outfits I wear reflect a part of my personality or my mood but not always completely. There were times for example at work, I wear certain things to help me play along with my role.

outfit doesn't define who we really are but outfit can show our mood and a part of us at a moment
The outfits I wear in “Dream isn’t Rocket Science” shows my mood and a part of me at that moment, not who I really am.

An outfit is “Choice” in visual form

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to seeing the choice of the look people wear. 

I prefer to see an outfit as a visualization of our choice. It compiles our thoughts, decisions, actions, and everything related to our experiences. Everyone will react differently even when they face a certain similar experience.

outfit can motivates us and boost our mood
2017 was beautiful yet painful, and I wear white to represent my effort to have a new clean start. “Another White to Begin an End”

“Don’t judge people by its cover.”

You heard a lot of that terms and we relate our cover with our physical appearance included the outfit we wear.

Most of us couldn’t help but to naturally judge or analyze people by their appearance. I think it’s our defense mechanism to protect us from the unknown. We feel more comfortable when we know something even a little.

our physical appearance is the first thing people notice and judge but can't really tell who the person really is
Our appearance is like a silhouette, we may clearly see the form, but all details are drowned in the shadow.
Photo by: Abdul Ahtar.

An outfit as a tool to discover ourselves

“I Wear My Mood” purpose is to discover ourselves; raising our self-awareness through the choice of our fashion & lifestyle.

Even though we define our own choices, but often traumas, pains, and insecurities disconnect us with our consciousness. We unconsciously act a certain way to defend ourselves, to escape from our pains.

a mirror can help us to know and recognize how we feel about ourselves
What do you feel when you’ll see yourself? A mirror can help us recognize how we feel about ourselves.

I wear my choice to be in tune with myself

Behind what we wear, there is so much more than just fashion. 

An outfit doesn’t define who we are, but our choice is a part of us. It’s our choice to express or hide things to feel secure and comfortable. I believe that if we raise our self-awareness, be more conscious of our choices, and be more in tune with ourselves, we can find a way to face and solve our problems.

i usually wear outfit base on my mood
The outfit I wore in “I was Wrong, Grey was Right” when I decided to not follow my mood
PHOTO BY DEA @ Yumaju Coffee Bandung 

If there’s a chance to wake the unconsciousness,
would you consciously dare to hear the answers that lie with it?

What’s your least favorite color? Have you ever tried to wear your least favorite colors in your least favorite weather? Do you think it would make your day gets worse?
Comment below or contact me through e-mail or Instagram to share your ideas, and thoughts. I'm so excited to hear back from you!

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Hai fiola. fotonya bagus2 banget nih… outfit kadang berarti di mata orang, karena orang penilaian at least from first impression, but not always. karena itu tidak selalu mencirikan “seperti apa kita”.

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